“I have faith in the individual and I believe that we are responsible for our lives and everything we experience. You have the power to live a fulfilled life on every level and to make a difference. It begins with knowing the truth about yourself and about what’s going on around you.”

It does not matter if it is the sick, twisted mind of a lone wolf killer, or the hubris of the Nobel Peace Prize selection process,  Unni shines a light on the hidden secrets and motivations, and reveals the truth.  It may not always be comfortable to know, but it is important to all of us, if we want to understand the world better.

Unni’s work is about truth-telling. It is about going deep inside a topic and discovering the hidden realities that never seem apparent. She feels that knowledge of  human frailties, pride, and even hubris can shed light on everyone’s motivations, and bring us closer to a true understanding of what drives all actions.

Unni is a  writer and involved citizen. She believes that each one of us has the power to make a difference. But first we need awareness.